25-July-13 Symposium (10:00-20:00)

Time Session Name Presentation Title
10:00 Opening    
10:01-10:33 Greetings    
10:01-10:04   Takehiro Koyaguchi  Director, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
10:04-10:07   Hiroaki Aihara Dean, School of Science, University of Tokyo
10:07-10:10   Yoichiro Matsumoto Executive Vice President, University of Tokyo
10:10-10:13   Naoki Kimura Director, Scientific Research Institutes Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology -Japan
10:15-10:35 Overview
Paolo Strolin Muons and Neutrinos for Earth Studies
10:35-10:50 Coffee Break   
10:50-12:40 Plenary I Muography    
10:50-11:08 (15+3)  Hiroyuki Tanaka Review of Muography in Japan (Asama, Usu,  Iwojima and Unzen)
11:08-11:26 (15+3) Raffaello D'Allessandro Review of Muography in Italy (Vesuvio and Stromboli)
11:26-11:44 (15+3)  Cristina Carloganu Review of Muography in France (La Soufriere and Puy de Dome)
11:44-12:07 Special Invited Lecture (20+3) Nemesio Perez GEOTHERCAN Project
12:07-12:25 Special Invited Talk (15+3) Izumi Yokoyama  Muography of Volcanic Cones  
12:25-12:53 Special Invited Lecture (25+3) Takeshi Nishimura Review of Modern Volcnoalogy
12:53-14:10 Lunch Break     
14:10-15:32 Plenary II
NeutrinographyI(Low Energy)
14:10-14:28 (15+3)  Tetsuya Yokoyama U-series isotope disequilibrium in subduction zone volcanic rocks 
14:28-14:46 (15+3)  Hiroko Watanabe Review of KamLAND and Geoneutrinos
14:46-15:04 (15+3)  Stefano Davini Review of Borexino and Geoneutrinos
15:04-15:32 Special Invited Lecture (25+3)  William McDonough Geothermal Studies on Earth's Mantle and Crust
15:32-15:50 Coffee Break    
15:50-16:54 Plenary III NeutrinographyII (High Energy)    
15:50-16:18 Special Invited Lecture (25+3)   Carsten Rott Review of IceCube and PINGU  
16:18-16:31 (10+3) Kotoyo Hoshina/Akimichi Taketa  Recent Development on high energy geoneutrinography
16:31-16:59 Special Invited Lecture (25+3) Kei Hirose  Earth's Deep Interior 
17:00-20:00 Poster  Akimichi Taketa A novel hydrological observation using cosmic ray air showers : A measurement of underground water stream on Sakurajima volcano
      Geophysical study of a volcanic edifice for comparison with muon imaging The DIAPHANE telescopes: architecture and recent upgrades 
      Density variations in La Soufriere of Guadeloupe detected with muon radiography: relation with hydrothermal activity
      Influence of a perturbing backward upward flux on the quality of muon tomography
      Application of emulsion imaging system for cosmic-ray muon radiography to explore the internal structure of Teide and Cumbre Vieja volcanoes in the Canary
Islands, Spain
      Perspectives for the analysis of the internal structure of Colima volcano using muon radiography
    Tony Hurst Potential of muon tomography for identifying internal structure of the andesite volcanoes of Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
    Akira Sannomiya Operation of a muon detection system under extremely high humidity environment for monitoring underground water table
    Koji Aramaki A Study on Cosmic Ray Muon Energy Spectra for Radiography
    Sharon Kedar Interrogating the Martian Subsurface using Muon Radiograph
      Developing Underwater Cosmic-Ray Muon Radiography  -A Novel Application to Image the Inside of Active Submarine Volcanoes
    Tomohisa Uchida Application of a readout module to a real-time monitoring system
    Daisuke Nakadachi Borehole muography 
    Ryuichi Nishiyama Incorporating gravimetric information to muon radiography to obtain an internal density structure of the Mt.Showa-Shinzan lava dome
    Yasuhiro Asai Muography electronics
      Development of a Logging Tool for Muon Radiography
    Daigo Shoji Icy satellite research by neutrino induced radios
    Hiroyuki Tanaka Stroboscopic muography
    Shohei Ishio Imaging device study with KamLAND
18:00-20:00 Reception    

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26-July-13 Workshops (10:00-17:00)

Time Session Name Presentation Title
10:00-17:00 Parallel-1 Technical developments (10:00-17:00)    
  Emulsion technologies
10:00-10:13 (10+3)  Seigo Miyamoto Emulsion measurements in Japan
10:13-10:26 (10+3)  Valeri Tioukov Emulsion measurements in Italy
10:26-10:39 (10+3)  Ryuichi Nishiyama ECC analysis
10:39-10:52 (10+3)  Cristiano Bozza Scanning Microscope
10:52-11:05 (10+3)  Masahiro Yoshimoto Development of the nuclear emulsion readout system HTS and an application to muon tomography
11:05-11:18 (10+3)  Kunihiro Morishima Ultra high speed scanning microscope
11:18-12:00  Discussion (42)    
12:00-13:20 Lunch break    
  Detector, electronics, etc. (13:20-12:13)    
13:20-13:33 (10+3)   Cristina Carloganu TOMUVOL detector 
13:33-13:46 (10+3)   Raffaello D'Allessandro MuRAY electronics
13:46-13:59 (10+3)  Luigi Cimmino MuRAY detector
13:59-14:12 (10+3)  Akimichi Taketa  PMT amplifier for Hyper-K 
14:12-14:25 (10+3) Koji Ishidoshiro Image capturing at KamLAND
14:25-14:55 Discussion and break (30)     
14:55-15:08 (10+3) Morgan Murray Muon tracking and tomography
15:08-15:21 (10+3) Ryuichi Nishiyama Joint inversion betwwen muography and gravimetry
15:21-15:34 (10+3) Akimichi Taketa EM radiography
15:34-15:47 (10+3) Daisuke Nakadachi Borehole muography 
15:47-16:10 Discussion and break (23)    
16:10-16:23  (10+3)  Kotoyo Hoshina EarthCore analysis at IceCube
16:23-16:36  (10+3)  Carsten Rott Detector requirements for oscillation tomography
16:36-17:00  Discussion (24)     
10:30-17:00 Parallel-2 Earth Studies (10:30-17:00)    
  Volcanological studies
10:30-10:45  (12+3)  Taro Kusagaya Muography in Usu
10:45-10:58 (10+3) Ryuichi Nishiyama Muography in Showa-Shinzan
10:58-11:11  (10+3)  Izumi Yokoyama Volcanological interpretation in Usu
11:11-11:26  (12+3)  J.F. Lenat Volcanological interpretation in Puy de Deome
11:26-11:39  (10+3)  Eleazar Padron Muography in Canary Islands
11:39-11:52  (10+3)  Taro Kusagaya Muography for volcanologicsts
11:52-12:42 Discussion towards a nation-wide depolyment with volcanologists (50)     
12:42-14:10  Lunch break     
  Mantle and deep Earth
14:10-14:23  (10+3)  Stefano Davini What we found with Borexino
14:23-14:36  (10+3)  Hiroko Watanabe What we found with KamLAND
14:36-14:49  (10+3)  Tetsuya Yokoyama What we can measure in the crust by tracing geoneutrinos
14:49-15:02  (10+3)  Kyoko Okino Marine volcanoes
15:02-15:15  (10+3)  William McDonough HANOHANO
15:15-  Discussion towards neutrino geoscience     


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