1, Supplementary Documents

Building Drawings/建物図面

Supplementary document 1 – building overview, design philosophy, and contest rules

Supplementary document 2 – building details and drawing translation guide


2, Design Verification Ground Motions (time-scaled by 0.80.5, no amplitude scaling applied, unfiltered) 1)

    1),Artificial record

    2),JR Takatori NS component record


3, 材料実験結果/Material test results


4, Detailed material test results

    1) Concrete material report (Japanese)

    2),Concrete material report (English translation)

    3),Concrete material stress-strain raw data

    4),Steel reinforcing material report (Japanese)

    5),Steel reinforcing material report (English translation)

    6),Steel reinforcing material stress-strain raw data


5, Recorded Foundation Accelerations 2)

Unprocessed total acceleration recordings at the top surface of the central foundation beam for all excitations can be found in the following link. We will leave it up to the participant to decide how to process the acceleration recordings.




6, White Noise Test Results

1) Test 1 (conducted before 20%-scaled artificial excitation test)



2) Test 2 (conducted between the 20% and 100%-scaled artificial excitation test)





1),These records were used for numerically validating design objectives and planning of the shake table tests and are NOT the foundation acceleration recordings from the earthquake simulation tests. We recommend participants use these as a placeholder until the foundation acceleration records are available.

2,These are the accelerometer records of the specimen foundation. Please use these when making final predictions for the blind prediction competition.





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