1, Expression of interest

Interested in joining the competition? No formal registration is necessary! All entries are welcomed as long as the submission process is correctly followed and completed prior to the competition closing date (late February 2020).

However, we would appreciate if you could send the following details to trevoryeow@eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp so that we can keep track of the number of teams in the competition:

   1) Team leader name

   2) Team leader e-mail address (if different from sender email)

   3) Affiliation and country

   4) Additional team members (optional)


2, Submission Process

Please submit the following to trevoryeow@eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp by 31st March 2020:

- Completed excel spreadsheet with team details and predictions:



- A concise report in PDF format describing the participant’s modelling approach. There are no formatting or page-limit requirements for this report, but it should contain the following information:

      Ø Processing of recorded foundation total accelerations (e.g. high-pass filters)

      Ø Adopted structural analysis software (e.g. OpenSEEs)

      Ø Structural analysis approach (e.g. finite-element modelling)

      Ø General analysis information (e.g. P-delta considerations, 2-D or 3-D analyses, etc)

      Ø Material/member hysteretic properties (e.g. Mander and Chang (1994) for concrete, Take for concrete members, etc)

      Ø Member properties (e.g. rigid end-zones, plastic hinge lengths)

      Ø Damping model (e.g. Caughey damping, damping ratio)

      Ø Solver algorithm (e.g. Newmark-beta)

      Ø Other information which the participant considers important




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