List of collections

Ishimoto Collection

Mishio Ishimoto 石本巳四雄 (1893-1940) Collection. Mishio Ishimoto was the second director of the ERI.

Imamura Collection

Akitsune Imamura 今村明恒 (1870-1948) Collection. Approximatrely 300 materials.

Kishinoue Collection

Fuyuhiko Kishinoue 岸上冬彦 (1903-1977) Collection. Approximately 500 materials.

Tsuboi Collection

Chuji Tsuboi 坪井忠二(1902-1982) Collection. Mainly offprints of periodicals. Approximately 10,000 materials.

Aerial photographs

Aerial photographs of Japan in black and white (1/40000, 1/20000, 1/10000) and geological scale maps (1/50000) are kept in the Earthquake Geology Archive on the third floor of ERI No. 2 Building. These materials are available for reading and loan. If you wish to use them, please have a request at the service counter of the library.

The following are the details about aerial photographs. (Japanese languate only)

Guidance of Aerial photographs in the ERI

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