The Earthquake Research Institute Library (ERI Library) specializes in research on seismology and volcanology.

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* A majority of ERI publications including UT ERI bulletins are available in full text form from UTokyo Repository.

What's new

January 9, 2024【(Feb.1-Mar.31) Temporary open hours】【Important】New!
About one day a week from February to March the opening hours of ERI Library will be changed as follows.

 Temporary open hours:10:30-17:00

Please checkthe calendar of the ERI libraryon the website of University of Tokyo Library System.
※Please check the calender Temporary open hours.

December 25, 2023【Important】
(Dec. 28-Jan. 4) Notice of temporary closure of year-end and new-year holidays
ERI Library will be closed from Thursday, December 28, 2023 to Thursday,January 4, 2024.
※Please check Calender
July 4, 2023
Visitors from outside UTokyo can use our library from today.
Advance reservation required.

※Please check User’s guide (for non-members of the University of Tokyo)for more infomation
March 30, 2022
ERI Library Guide (PDF) is now available. Anyone who would like to know how to use library or find materials, please read this quick reference guide.

August 12, 2021
New Library Web Services Now Available! (UTokyo OPAC/Off-Campus/GACoS)

The new library web services have been implemented on August 11, 2021.
These updates help your research in a more practical way.

1. UTokyo OPAC renewal
2. Off-Campus access renewal
3. GACoS will be renewed as "Literacy" on the University of Tokyo Library System.

For details, please see the following website.
"New Library Web Services Now Available! (UTokyo OPAC/Off-Campus/GACoS) "

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