User’s guide (for non-members of the University of Tokyo)

The ERI Library is open to non-members of the University of Tokyo who may wish to use it for academic research. Please follow the steps below to use the library.

Please note, however, that non-members of the University of Tokyo may not borrow books from the library.
If non-members wish to borrow books from the library, they must make a loan request through the libraries of universities or institutions with which they are registered.

Finding materials

You can search for the locations of materials you require via OPAC of the University of Tokyo. Please note the locations of materials below.

ERI.Lib.These are located in the library.
ERI.Spec.Coll.These are Japanese antiquarian documents and collections, etc. Please consult the library in advance about availability.
"Lab possession"
in the comment column
These may not always be available because they are kept at the relevant laboratories. Please contact us in advance if you require these materials.

* Materials that are marked “On loan, E“Reserved, Eor “Missing Eare not available.

* If you require special materials including catfish-themed woodblock prints, please consult the library in advance about availability.

To locate other materials in advance, please feel free to contact the library for assistance, sending us details including name of material, call number (for books), or volume number (for periodicals) via fax or email.

E-mail: sanko[at] / FAX: 03-5800-3859

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00 & 13:00-17:00

  • Closed from 12:00 to 13:00
  • Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and new-year holidays, and university-wide summer holidays


You are requested to write your name in the entry record at the service counter.
It is an open stack room. You are free to use OPAC and the location map to find materials in the stack room yourself. Please ask for staff assistance if you cannot find the materials for which you are searching.

Finding materials, Library floor map


  • Please do not bring luggage into the library. You are requested to leave luggage (except valuables and writing materials) in one of the lockers located next to the service counter.
  • No food and drinks are permitted in the library.


Q. Can I take a photocopy in the library?
A. There are no coin-operated photocopying machines in the library. Please contact the service counter for assistance if you wish to make photocopies.

Q. Can I borrow material from the library?
A. We do not lend material directly to non-members of the University of Tokyo. Please make a loan request through libraries of the university or institute with which you are registered.

Q. Can I reserve material?
A. We do not reserve material, but will be able to confirm whether or not the material you require is available in the library. Please enquire in advance of your visit by fax or email.

E-mail: sanko[at] / FAX: 03-5800-3859

Q. I plan to publish an academic paper/book, and I would like to insert a copy of the material kept in the ERI Library in the paper. How can I obtain a permission to do so?
A. We have an application form for requesting permission to publish our materials. Further information is available here.

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