Access to and purchase of materials (for ERI members)

Registering MyOPAC


By logging in to MyOPAC, you will be able to use various services via web. Examples follow.

  • Checking up books you are borrowing and making an extension of the due date
  • Reserving books or placing delibery requests of books/copies

Advanced registration required. ERI members may register at the service counter. Upon completion of user registration, you will be able to use such services as photocopying and requesting books to be delivered. These services are free to users with the cost borne by the ERI Library.

MyOPAC requires authentication by UTokyo Account or Library Account.

StatusType of ID cardsLogin
UTokyo Accountundergraduate, graduate, faculty and staffstudent ID card (smart card), faculty ID card (SC)UTokyo Account
Library Accountfaculty and staff, professor emerituslibrary card, card ofr proffessor emerituslast 10 degits printed on the card *

An initial password is issued in user registration at the service counter.

Reservation and delivery services

By logging in to MyOPAC, you will be able to reserve materials that are out on loan to another user. You can also request material that is available in libraries on another campus (Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa, Shirokanedai) to be delivered to the ERI Library for you.
To make a request for reservation or delivery, please log in to MyOPAC and click the “Reserve Ebutton on the search result.

Conditions for loan and renewal vary with each library. You can find more information using the “User Guide" link on the List of UT Libraries.


OPAC user's guide

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Delivery service

There are two options of photocopy request.

User registration is required for receiving the services.

Delivery of photocopied material

You can request delivery of a copy of an academic paper.
To make a request for delivery, please log in to MyOPAC and click the "Copy" button shown on search results.

Reading PDF files

Using this service, you can request delivery of an academic paper as a PDF file. To make a request for delivery, please log in to MyOPAC and click “PDF Ebutton.

* You can read and print PDF files via your PC when connected to the university’s internal network, but you cannot save the files.

document delivery

Delivery from other universities

For materials that are not available in UT Libraries, you can request of original materials or photocopies from other universities or institutions.
To make a request for delivery, please switch to "Ohter Univ." tab, and click "Copy/Borrow from other univ." link shown on search results.

interlibrary loan

User's guide for MyOPAC Delivery Request Service

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Use of other libraries

Libraries of the University of Tokyo

You can access other UT Libraries using your University Student/Staff ID card. Please access the websites of List of UT libraries, and read the conditions-of-use of the libraries.

If you wish to photocopy materials at the university's expense, or wish to borrow materials kept by laboratories, please consult us at the ERI Library service counter in advance.

* ERI members may use photocopiers in the Dept. of Earth and Planetary Library and the Engineering Bldg. 1 Library A for free.

Libraries of other universities/institutions

A letter of introduction may be required to use libraries of other universities or institutions. Please check the websites of the relevant library and consult us at the ERI Library service counter if such a letter is required.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the ERI Library service counter, or through the ASK service. ASK is a library reference service via internet.

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Purchase (For ERI members only)

Request to purchase materials

We accept recommendations for new materials to be added to the library at any time. (limited to ERI members)

Book Request Form Limited to ERI

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