Research on Large-Scale Simulation awarded in HPC Asia 2018

Research by Asst. Prof. Kohei Fujita, Master student Keisuke Katsushima, Assoc. Prof. Tsuyoshi Ichimura (Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo), Dr. Masashi Horikoshi (Intel), Prof. Kengo Nakajima (Information Technology Center, University of Tokyo), Prof. Muneo Hori and Assoc. Prof. Lalith Maddegedara (Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo) on large-scale finite-element mesh generation and analysis received Best Paper Award in HPC Asia 2018 at Tokyo, Japan. HPC Asia is one of the leading conferences in high-performance computing in Asia-Pacific region. This year, 30 out of 67 submissions were accepted (acceptance rate 45%), and one best paper was selected out of the accepted submissions.

Research summary:
The research subject to the award is concerning mesh generation and fast solver for large scale finite-element simulation. By using the developed method, mesh generation was accelerated by 15-17 times, and the use of the time-parallel solver accelerated finite-element simulations on Oakforest-PACS of JCAHPC (University of Tokyo and University of Tsukuba) and the K computer of RIKEN. This research is expected to enlarge problem scale and improve resolution of dynamic simulations in solid earth science, and is expected to lead to improvement in analysis accuracy.

Kohei Fujita, Keisuke Katsushima, Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Masashi Horikoshi, Kengo Nakajima, Muneo Hori, Lalith Maddegedara (2018), Wave Propagation Simulation of Complex Multi-Material Problems with Fast Low-Order Unstructured Finite-Element Meshing and Analysis