About Outreach and Public Relations Office


In order to carry out outreach and public relations activity in a systematic and effective way, Earthquake Research Institute first established the Public Outreach Office in 2003 (and has now been renamed as Outreach and Public Relations Office in 2010).
As an institution in the university that aims to understand earthquakes and volcanoes essentially, and to mitigate disaster brought by these natural phenomena, we perceive that returning of research results to society is one of our important missions.

Members (1st April 2024)

Prof. KINOSHITA Masataka(Head of Outreach and Public Relations Office)
Prof. KATO Naoyuki
Prof. SHINOHARA Masanao
Associate Prof. ISSE Takehi
Associate Prof. KANO Yasuyuki
Associate Prof. NAKAGAWA Shigeki
Associate Prof. FUKUDA Junichi
Associate Prof. FUJITA Kohei
Associate Prof.  MAENO Fukashi
Prof. FURUMURA Takashi (observer)


FUKUI Moe, Project Specialist
YAMADA Yuki, Temporary Worker