Director:  SATAKE Kenji
General Manager : MURAOKA Shun
Vice Director: KATO Aitaro, SHIMIZU Hisayoshi

Division of Theoretical Geoscience

KOYAGUCHI TakehiroProfessor/Head of DivisionTheoretical VolcanologyPersonal website
KAME NobukiAssociate ProfessorSolid Earth GeophysicsPersonal website
NISHIDA KiwamuAssociate ProfessorSolid Earth and Planetary PhysicsPersonal website
OHTANI   MakikoAssistant Professor  

Division of Monitoring Geoscience

NAKATANI MasaoProfessorEarthquake Source Physics 
IMANISHI YuichiAssociate Professor / Head of DivisionGravity 
AOKI YosukeAssociate ProfessorSolid Earth GeophysicsPersonal website
WATADA ShingoAssociate ProfessorSolid Earth Geophysics 
TAKAMORI AkiteruAssistant ProfessorSolid Earth Physics 
NISHIYAMA RyuichiAssistant Professor  
Ito YujiProject Researcher  
ZHANG YijunProject Researcher

Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science

IWAMORI HikaruProfessor / Head of Division  
TAKEI YasukoProfessorSolid Earth SciencePersonal website
NAKAI ShunichiProfessorGeochemistryPersonal website
HIRAGA TakehikoAssociate ProfessorPetrology/MineralogyPersonal website
YASUDA AtsushiAssociate ProfessorMagmatologyPersonal website
SAKATA ShuheiAssistant Professor  
MIURA YayoiAssistant ProfessorGeochemistry/Cosmochemistry 
MIBE KenjiAssistant ProfessorSolid Earth Planet PhysicsPersonal website
MORISHIGE ManabuAssistant Professor Personal website
KOIZUMI SanaeProject Researcher  
Asobo Nkengmatia Elvis AsaahProject Researcher  

Division of Disaster Mitigation Science

FURUMURA TakashiProfessor/Head of DivisionSolid Earth and Planetary PhysicsPersonal website
KUSUNOKI KoichiProfessorReinforced Concrete Structure, Seismic Design, Structural Health Monitoring, Damage InvestigationPersonal website
MIYAKE HiroeAssociate ProfessorStrong Motion SeismologyPersonal website
IIDA MasahiroAssistant ProfessorStructural Engineering 
DIAO HONGQIProject Researcher  

Earthquake Prediction Research Center

UYESHIMA MakotoProfessor/Head of CenterSolid Earth and Planetary PhysicsPersonal website
KATO AitaroProfessor Personal website
YAMANO MakotoProfessorSolid Earth GeophysicsPersonal website
IIDAKA TakashiProfessor  
ISHIYAMA TatsuyaAssociate ProfessorTectonic GeomorphplogyPersonal website
KANO YasuyukiAssociate ProfessorHistorical Disaster SciencePersonal website
MOCHIZUKI KimihiroAssociate ProfessorMarine SeismologyPersonal website
OHMURA JunzoAssistant Professor  
Usui YoshiyaAssistant Professor  Personal Website
KURASHIMO EijiAssistant ProfessorSolid Earth and Planetary Physics 
NAKATA RieAssistant Professor  
FUKUDA JunichiAssistant ProfessorSolid Earth Geophysics 
YAMADA TomoakiAssistant Professor  
ISHISE MotokoProject Researcher  
KURIHARA RyoProject Researcher  
HATA MakiProject Researcher  
MIZUNO ReiProject Researcher  
YOSHIOKA SeiyaProject Researcher  
Pierre RomanetProject Researcher  

Volcano Research Center

KANEKO TakayukiAssociate Professor / Head of CenterVolcanology 
OHMINATO TakaoProfessorVolcano-physics 
ICHIHARA MieAssociate ProfessorVolcano-physicsPersonal website
SUZUKI YujiroAssociate ProfessorPhysical VolcanologyPersonal website
MAENO FukashiAssociate ProfessorVolcanologyPersonal website
YUKUTAKE YoheiAssociate ProfessorVolcanology 
OIKAWA JunAssistant ProfessorVolcano-physics 
Sanchez Alvarez Claudia PazProject Researcher  

Ocean Hemisphere Research Center

SHIMIZU HisayoshiProfessor / Head of Center / Vice DirectorSolid Earth and Planetary PhysicsPersonal website
SHIOBARA HajimeProfessorOcean Floor Seismology 
TAKEUCHI NozomuProfessorSolid Earth SciencePersonal website
BABA KiyoshiAssociate ProfessorMarine ElectromagnetismPersonal website
ISSE TakehiAssistant ProfessorSeismology 

Center for High Energy Geophysics Research

TANAKA HiroyukiProfessorHigh Energy Geophysics 
TAKETA AkimichiAssistant ProfessorParticle Geophysics 
MIYAMOTO SeigoAssistant ProfessorImaging internal structure of volcanoes by using cosmic-ray muon 
OLAH LaszloProject Researcher  

Research Center for Computational Earth Science

ICHIMURA TsuyoshiProfessor/Head of CenterComputational Earthquake Engineering/Engineering Sesimology,Applied Mechanics,Computer Aided EngineeringPersonal website
Wijerathne Maddegedara Lalith LakshmanAssociate ProfessorEarthquake EngineeringPersonal website
NAGAO HiromichiAssociate ProfessorData AssimilationPersonal website
FUJITA KoheiAssociate Professor  
ITO ShinichiAssistant Professor  
KUMAZAWA TakaoProject Assistant Professor  
ANZAKI RyojiProject Researcher  

Coordination Center for Prediction Research of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

KATO NaoyukiProfessor/Head of CenterSeismology 
YOSHIDA ShingoProfessorSolid Earth and Planetary PhysicsPersonal website
Ohzono MakoAssociate Professor  
IGARASHI ToshihiroAssistant ProfessorSolid Earth and Planetary Physics 
KOYAMA TakaoAssistant ProfessorGeoelectromagnetism 

Center for Geophysical Observation and Instrumentation

OBARA KazushigeProfessor / Head of CenterObservation SeismologyPersonal website
ARAYA AkitoProfessorSolid Earth Science 
SHINOHARA MasanaoProfessorMarine Seismic ObservationPersonal website
SAKAI ShinichiProfessor  
AKUHARA TakeshiAssistant Professor Personal website
OGAWA TsutomuAssistant ProfessorSolid Earth and Planetary Physics 
TAKEO AkikoAssistant Professor  
TAKEMURA ShunsukeAssistant Professor  
TANAKA YusakuProject Researcher  
AI SanxiProject Researcher

Earthquake and Volcano Information Center

TSURUOKA HiroshiAssociate Professor/Head of CenterSolid Earth and Planetary Physics 
SATAKE KenjiProfessor/DirectorSolid Earth and Planetary Physics 
KINOSHITA MasatakaProfessor Personal website
NAKAGAWA ShigekiAssociate Professor  
Sato TetsuroProject Researcher  
Nakamura RyoichiProject Researcher  

Laboratory for Technical SUPPORT

URANO SachikoTechnical Specialist  
TAKEUCHI AkihiroTechnical Specialist  
HOKANISHI NatsumiTechnical Specialist  
UEHARA MikiTechnical Specialist  

Technical Supporting Section for Observational Research

AKIYAMA TakahiroTechnical Staff  
ABE HidejiTechnical Specialist  
ANDO MiwakoTechinical Specialist  
SAIKI AyakaTechnical Staff  
SERIZAWA MasatoTechnical Specialist  
TANAKA ShinichiTechnical Specialist  
TSUJI HiroshiSenior Technical Specialist  
NISHIMOTO TaroTechnical Staff  
HASHIMOTO TasukuTechnical Staff  
FUJITA ChikaakiTechnical Specialist  
MASUDA MasatakaTechnical Specialist  
MIYAKAWA KojiTechnical Specialist  
YAGI TakeoTechnical Specialist  
WATANABE AtsushiTechnical Specialist