Measuring anisotropy with receiver functions2016-12-21
Some of the pitfalls and questions about shear wave splitting analysis2016-12-20
Introduction to anisotropy and shear wave splitting2016-12-19
-Friday Seminar- Inter-comparison exercise of volcanic eruption column models2016-12-09
-Friday Seminar- Marine magnetotellurics imaged no distinct plume beneath the Tristan da Cunha hotspot in the southern Atlantic Ocean2016-12-09
-Friday Seminar- Relative sea-level changes recorded by coral microatolls over the last century in Okinawa and Yoron, Ryukyu islands2016-12-09
-Friday Seminar- Preliminary results of tsunami simulation for the 21 November 2016 Fukushima earthquake (Mw 6.9)2016-12-09
M7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake 14 November 20162016-12-07
-Danwakai- Toward resolving plate structure from the trench to the arc in the Cascadia subduction zone from ocean-bottom and land-based seismic data.2016-11-18
-Friday Seminar- Meteorites: time capsules of the early Solar System and Earth's evolution2016-11-11
-Friday Seminar- Imaging seismic sources through an automated multi-scale detection and location scheme: application to the analysis of regular and slow earthquake seismicity2016-11-04
-Friday Seminar= Systematic detection and classification of burst-type (traditional aftershock) sequences and swarm-type earthquake clusters2016-07-29
Strength, Stability, and Microstructure of Simulated Calcite Faults Sheared Under Laboratory Conditions Spanning the Brittle-Ductile Transition2016-07-25
-Danwakai- Short review of researches on the analysis of dynamics of seismic processes, carried out at the M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics Tbilisi, Georgia: Perspectives for international collaboration2016-07-22
Friday Seminar2016-06-23
-Danwakai- A feasibility study for geomagnetic measurements using the High Altitude Long range aircraft (HALO)2016-06-17
Friday Seminar2016-06-03
-Friday Seminar- Dynamic Fault Weakening and Strengthening by Gouge Compaction and Dilatancy in a Fluid-Saturated Fault Zon2016-05-13
-Danwakai- On the effects of along-trench subduction dimension on induced mantle flow and upwellings: Insights from laboratory models2016-04-22
-Danwakai- Relative sea-level changes recorded by coral microatolls, implications for Lesser Antilles megathrust seismic behavior2016-04-22
-Danwakai- Great earthquakes happen on the weak and smooth subduction megathrusts Abstract2016-04-22
-Danwakai- A Dynamic Wedge Failure Mechanism for Efficient Tsunami Generation and Anomalous Seismic Radiation of Shallow Subduction Zone Earthquakes2016-04-22
SAHKE geophysical transect reveals crustal and subduction zone structure at the southern Hikurangi margin, New Zealand.2012-11-28
Slicing the High Himalaya of Western Nepal and Tibet - Furthering our Understanding of Continental Collision and Extrusion (?)2012-11-28
Seismic Constraints on the Western Mediterranean Geodynamics.2012-11-21
What is the Asthenosphere, and Why Does It Matter?2012-11-09
Advances in absolute gravimetry and ERI instrument.2012-11-06
Deep Mantle Roots of Mountain Belts2012-10-31
How to deal with data of satellite gravity gradients in GOCE mission.2012-10-30
Statistical analysis of long-term seismicity and short-term earthquake forecasting.2012-10-25
Controlling the jamming transition of sheared hard spheres.2012-10-22
Simulation of the electromagnetic fields induced by Tohoku tsunamis of 2011.2012-10-16
Olivine, wet or dry, deformed or not: highlights from recent lab and field studies.2012-10-09
Recent developments of earthquake simulation and real-time computational seismology in Taiwan.2012-09-20
From the lab to the LAB: theory and computation of magma/mantle dynamics.2012-09-14
Application of satellite and UAVSAR radar interferometry to volcanoes2012-09-10
Feedbacks between melts and deformation in the upper mantle: constraints from natural systems2012-08-24
Global Search of Deep Triggered Non-Volcanic Tremor2012-08-03
Fast source determination and error analysis for large earthquakes2012-07-03
Mantle flow from joint inversion of seismic and geodynamic data2012-06-27
A new alarm-based earthquake forecast model: Application to M7+ events in Japan2012-06-14
Crackling dynamics during the failure of heterogeneous materials -- Quake catalogs at the laboratory scale2012-06-08
Gravimetry, a complementary tool to seismologyfor the study of the Earth's deep interior:long-period seismic and Slichter modes2012-05-31
The Southern California Earthquake Center:A Collaboratory for Earthquake System Science2012-05-30
Recent Tsunamis in the Americas: the 2010 Haiti and Chile events2012-05-29
Risk Frontiers: world class risk modeling2012-05-28
nti-waveguide effects in Pacific slab: evidence from high-frequency waveform analysis and numerical modeling2012-05-15
Water and Friction in Geophysical Systems2012-05-11
Short-term earthquake forecasting through a smoothing Kernel and the rate-and-state friction law: Application to Taiwan and the Kanto region, Japan2012-05-10
Short-term earthquake forecasting through a smoothing Kernel and the rate-and-state friction law: Application to Taiwan and the Kanto region, Japan2012-05-10
From Sumatra 2004 to Tohoku-Oki 2011: what we learn about Earthquake & Tsunami detection by ionospheric sounding.2012-05-10
Estimates of Spectral Acceleration Amplification of Observation Stations in the Iwate-Miyagi and Niigata Regions, Japan2012-05-01
Coupling Between Deformation and Melt Distribution in Partially Molten Rocks Abstract2012-04-13
Magnetotelluric exploration for the slow slip event in the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand by T. Grant Caldwell (GNS Science)2012-04-13
A three-dimensional magnetotelluric regularized inversion using minimum support gradient2011-02-22
Structure of the Lithosphere of the East European Craton: EM constraints2011-02-15
Short-term and long-term earthquake occurrence models for Italy: ETES, ERS and LTST2011-02-10
How was the Moho discovered ?2011-01-28
Structure of the Central part of the Kuril Trench according to new magnetic data2011-01-27
Imaging the seismic Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary of the oceanic plates along the edges of the Pacific Ocean with S-receiver functions2011-01-21
What causes aftershocks ?2011-01-14
Real-time warning systems; some aspects of location and magnitude determination2011-01-14
Analysis of Earthquake Interevent Time Distribution2010-12-22
Tidal analysis of data from pressure sensors located at the Sagami trough, central Japan2010-12-22
Active fault and paleoseismic study in NW-Himalaya, India2010-12-06
Geoinformatics at IIT Kanpur2010-12-06
Efficient calculation of sensitivity matrix for electromagnetic methods2010-11-30
Seismological constraints on mantle dynamics2010-11-19
Investigating Earthquake Source Characteristics and Near-source Ground Motion from Dynamic Rupture Models2010-10-22
End-to-end earthquake simulation: from source to urban impact2010-10-22
Application of GPS Data to Seismic Hazard Assessment in California and Elsewhere2010-10-19
Constraints on earthquake dynamics from observations in the near-source region2010-10-19
Performance-Based Design of Tall Reinforced Concrete Core-Wall Buildings2010-10-15
M8.8 Chile Earthquake February 27, 2010 – Implications for U.S. Building Codes and Standards2010-10-07
Love Waves and Toroidal Modes Observed at Isabella for the 1960 Chilean Earthquake - Implications for the Mechanism of Great Earthquakes2010-10-04
Earthquake Forecasting: Should we base it on activation, quiescence, or something else?2010-10-01
An efficient modified hierarchical domain decomposition for two-dimensional magnetotelluric forward modelling2010-09-14
The 2009 Earthquake Crisis and Dike Intrusion in Western Saudi Arabia2010-09-10
Heterogeneity of faults and effective friction laws2010-09-09
Global plate dynamics constrained from geodynamics and structural seismology2010-09-08
Joint inversion of magnetotelluric and seismic data based on random resistivity and velocity distributions2010-09-07
Time series deformation analysis of Lumpur Sidoardjo (Lusi) mud volcano using interferometry synthetic aperture radar2010-08-06
Sedimentary Basin Response to Long Period Passing Surface Waves: What can we learn from Ambient Seismic Analysis?2010-07-30
The effect of solidification and stratification on the dynamics of dyke propagation, implication for field data analysis2010-07-21
Experimental study on the viscoelastic property of polycrystalline aggregates over a broad frequency range2010-07-16
Limitations of earthquake triggering models2010-07-16
Experimental study of crystal nucleation in magma2010-07-08
Time-varying seismic anisotropy on Japanese volcanoes2010-06-18
On the origin of double Wadati-Benioff zones2010-06-10
Accelerating creep as a precursor of stick-slip-instabilities and the problem of prediction of earthquakes2010-06-08
EM data modeling and inversion2010-06-01
Recent results from Portable Seismic Array Experiments in Peru and Mexico and the Role of Water in Lithospheric Dynamics2010-05-21
Problems with the energy budget of the Earth - constraints from geodesy and geomagnetism2010-04-23
A stacking approach to estimate Vp/Vs from receiver functions2010-04-16
Thin-Sheet Dynamics of Free Subduction2010-03-08
Grain size evolution in the mantle2010-03-05
Modeling tephra dispersal in absence of wind: insights from the climactic phase of the 2450 BP Plinian eruption of Pululagua volcano (Ecuador)2010-02-12
Characterizing the seismogenic zone of a major plate boundary subduction thrust: the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand2010-02-05
Mantle structure: The message from scattered seismic waves2010-01-29
The study of attenuation in Earth and planetary materials2010-01-14
Nankai-Tokai subduction hazard for catastrophe risk modelling2009-11-26
Smoothest model and sharp boundary based two-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion2009-11-24
Ultra-slow velocity layer beneath Central Mexico and its relationship to silent earthquake and non-volcanic tremor2009-11-19
Brittleness of fracture in flowing magma2009-10-30
The Earth’s Core Seen From a Seismological Perspective: The things that Jules Verne didn’t know and some recent advances2009-10-29
Understanding earthquake source processes with spatial coherence2009-10-27
Great and near-great off-trench tsunamigenic earthquakes: tectonic settings and multihazards2009-10-16
The origin of deep ocean microseisms and implications for noise tomotgraphy studies2009-10-09
Source and Site Characteristics of Earthquakes that have Caused Exceptional Ground Accelerations and Velocities2009-09-11
Physical reasons for abandoning plastic deformation measures in plasticity and viscoplasticity theory2009-09-04
Radiative transfer theory and its application in seismology2009-09-04
Peter Shearer's special lectures2009-08-31
Earthquake Loss Estimates in Real-Time and Scenario Mode: 7 years experience2009-08-24
What do seismic tomographic images mean?2009-07-28
Tsunami generation by landslides and extreme runup heights2009-07-24
Fast and Robust Source Inversion by Using W-phase: a Promising Early Seismic Tsunami Warning Application2009-06-19
Absolute gravimetry and its applications: some studies2009-06-15
Rheology of serpentines, seismicity and mass transfer in subduction zone2009-06-10
Lituya Bay Landslide impact generated Mega Tsunami in 19582009-05-29
Mantle conductivity models derived from satellite magnetic data: results and perspective2009-05-28
Three faults, five earthquakes in Welkom2009-05-22
Soil/Bedrock Characterization, NEHRP Site Classes and Engineering Parameters Calculations in the Kanto Region, Central Japan2009-05-13
3-D Magnetotelluric modelling using an improved vector finite element method combined with divergence corrections based on the magnetic field (VFEH++)2009-04-30
The Kamchatka-Aleutian Collision Zone: Mother of all Cusps2009-04-13
Is the brittle-ductile transition really a seismic-aseismic transition? A laboratory perspective2009-04-03
Physical Interpretation of Poroelastic Coefficients2009-03-31
Seismicity of Northeast Italy and rapid estimate of earthquake parameters at OGS2009-03-24
Far-Source Long Period Displacement Response Spectra in the Venetian and Po plains (Italy) from 3D Wavefield Simulations2009-03-24
Active Faulting and Earthquakes in Eastern Iran2009-02-19
Recording subduction processes in the near field: the case of the Nicoya seismic gap2009-02-17
2nd International Workshop on High Energy Earth Science: NuTRAck and MuRAY Joint Meeting 20092009-01-23
Kimberlites- windows to the Earth mantle and possibly core: their geochemistry and petrogenesis2009-01-23
Physics based models of earthquake clustering2008-12-12
Regional conductivity structure of Cascadia2008-12-09
Getting to the Root of Major Faults: Deep Tremor in Southwest Japan and Beneath the San Andreas Fault, California2008-11-28
Ground Motion Prediction Using the Ambient Seismic Field2008-11-28
Crustal thermal structure of the Precambrian Terranes: An example from Indian shield2008-11-20
Subduction zone anisotropy: observations and modelling2008-11-17
Mantle upwellings, melt migration and the rifting of Africa: Insights from seismological investigations2008-11-13
Overview of recent seismic hazard analysis in the US; the new  Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities and its role in the new USGS National Seismic Hazard Map2008-11-12
Modeling Tsunami Shallow-Water Equations with Graphics Accelerated Hardware (GPU) and Radial Basis Functions (RBF)2008-11-11
Predictions from Numerical Modelling of Mantle Convection in the deep lower-mantle and the Resultant Seismic Heterogeneities Imaged by Wave-Packets2008-11-11
Constraining the Overall Kinematics of the 2004 Sumatra and the 2005 Nias Earthquakes Using the Earth's Gravest Free Oscillations2008-11-06
On optimization of parameters used in Earthquake Early Warning systems for rapid evaluation of earthquake magnitude and level of shaking2008-11-05
Earthquake Rupturing in Fluid-Overpressured Crust - Compressional Inversion Earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand2008-11-05
Kilauea volcano slow slip events: Identification, source inversions, and relation to seismicity2008-10-17
On Slow Earthquakes and Brittle-Ductile Instabilities in the Lower Crust2008-10-14
The radial basis functions (RBF) method applied to solving partial differential equations (PDEs) on the surface of the sphere2008-10-14
Applying of Seismic Wave Velocity Survey in Assessment of the Permeability Coefficient (K), at Wadi Al-Aslaa Area, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia2008-10-08
Seismic Tomography of Southern California based upon Adjoint Methods2008-10-08
The seismicity of the Korean peninsula2008-01-15