Our Activities

We introduce what we are doing with overseas institutions and researchers/students at ERI international office. We also introduce a list of ERI Alumni, or past visitors.


4th Chile-Japan Academic Forum 2022 in Chile

2022/11/27 – 12/02 in Santiago, Puerto Varas & Puerto Montt – Chile report

Japan – Latin America Academic Conference 2018 in Nikko

2018/9/25 – 28 in Nikko – Japan report

Chile-Japan Academic Forum 2016 at Patagonia

2016/11/7 – 13 in Puerto Natales & Puerto Williams – Chile photos

Joint Workshop ERI – IPGP

2022/09/27 – 29ERIERI-IPGP Workshop – September 27 – 29, 2022
2019/10/02 – 04IPGPMonitoring of active processes in seismic and volcanic zones
2017/10/03 – 05ERIMonitoring of active processes in seismic and volcanic zones
2015/09/23 – 25IPGPGeodynamics, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (global/planetary perspectives, interactions and triggering)
2013/03/11 – 13ERIImaging and Monitoring Active Subduction Zones and Volcanoes II
2011/10/18 – 19IPGPNew Horizons in Earth Sciences – Imaging and Monitoring Active Subduction Zones and Volcanoes
2009/04/15 – 17ERISubduction Process

Joint Workshop ERI – SCEC

2010/03/16 – 17ERI“Earthquake Hazards in Urban Areas” and “Toward Constructing Forecast Systems of Earthquakes”
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We are sorry that this page is now under construction. Our activities for internship students cover a variety of field trips to 2011 Tohoku earthquake memorial sites, Mt. Fuji and Hakone volcanoes, Drilling vessel Chikyu, Scientific museum, and more.

Summer School ERI- SESS, Peking University

2023/9/24 – 29 Joint Work ShopLakeview Hall, 2F, Building No.1, Zhongguanyuan Global VillageEarth Structure and Environment
2020/9/24 – 25OnlineExploring the Deep Earth
2020/7/23 – 26 ERI, The University of Tokyo, JAPANDynamics of Subduction Zones

Summer School ERI- SCEC

2016/7/24 – 27Lake Arrowhead Resort, CA, USALarge crustal earthquakes: fault geometry, dynamic rupture, and strong ground motion
2015/9/4 – 8Laforet Yamanaka-ko, JAPANMonitoring physical properties associated with tectonic processes
2014/9/28 – 10/2Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel, Oxnard, CA, USAWave and Rupture Propagation of Realistic Velocity Structure
2013/9/23 – 27Hakone, Laforet Club Hakone Gora, JAPANDiversity of Earthquakes