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The Earthquake Research Institute has been designated as a nationwide Joint Usage/Research Center for Earthquake and Volcano Sciences by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology since the academic year 2010.
The goal of this center is to promote solid-earth sciences related to earthquakes and volcanoes, science and engineering to mitigate disasters caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and observational research both in Japan and abroad for the prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In order to achieve this goal, the ERI conducts joint researches, accepts visiting researchers from both Japan and abroad, and provides facilities, equipment, materials, and data held by the ERI to related research institutions nationwide.

Categories (See the Application Guidelines for the details)
(1) Joint Research
(2) Workshops/Symposia
(3) Usage of facilities, laboratory equipment, and observation equipment.
(4) Usage of data and Records.

* We call for proposals for (1) and (2) annually. Please be aware that the period of application submission varies depending on the specific categories. Applications for (3) and (4) are accepted all year round but with some exceptions.

Visiting Programs

We are actively promoting foreign researchers for our fellowship program.
For full details of our visiting program, please click the button.


■Earthquake Research Institute Joint Usage/Research Program Call for Registration of Project for Specific Research Programs for the Academic Year 2022

※Application Deadline: July 30,2021 (JST)

Submission of Proposals:


Form A-1-E Specific Research Project (A) Registration Form
Form A-2a-E Specific Research Project (A-01) Application for Participation
Form A-2b-E Specific Research Project (A (other than 01)) Application for Participation
Form A-3-E Specific Research Project (A) Proposal
Form B-1-E Specific Research Project (B) Registration Form
Form B-2-E Specific Research Project (B) Application for Participation
Form B-3-E Specific Research Project (B) Proposal
Form C-1-E Specific Research Project (C) Registration Form
Form C-2-E Specific Research Project (C) Application for Participation
Form C-3-E Specific Research Project (C) Proposal
Form G-1-E General Research Project Application Form
Form Y-1-E Application for Cooperative Study for Elucidation and Prediction of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions
Form H-1-E Application for Cooperative Study on High Energy Geophysics Research
Form H-2-E Report of Cooperative Study For High Energy Geophysics Research Project
Form S-1a-E Application for Supercomputer Joint Research(A. Large research project)
Form S-1b-E Application for Supercomputer Joint Research(B. Research project)
Form S-1c-E Application for Supercomputer Joint Research(C. Challenging research)
Appendix S
Form W-1-E Application for Workshop/Symposium
Form F-1-E Application for Joint Usage (Facilities, experiment devices, observation equipment)
Form D-1-E Application for Joint Usage (data and records)
Form T-1-E Application to Receive Earthquake Observation System Data Using Satellite Communications and other methods.
Form N-1-E Letter of Consent
Form N-2-E Confirmation of research ethics
Form N-3-E Confirmation of intellectual property

Contact Information

If you have any question, please contact us.

1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 113-0032
Earthquake Research Institute, Research Support Team (Joint Usage Section)
Phone: +81-3-5841-5710, +81-3-5841-1769
FAX: +81-3-5841-4467
E-mail: k-kyodoriyo[a]