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Earthquake & Volcano Infomation

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2024/1/4【QE】1st January, 2024 Earthquake in Noto peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture(2024/01/17 Updated)2024/1/17/ 14:00

Latest research

Date publishedTitle
2024/02/26Detectability analysis of very low frequency earthquakes: Methods and application in Nankai using F-net and DONET broadband seismometers
2024/01/19Largest aftershock nucleation driven by afterslip during the 2014 Iquique sequence
2024/01/16Quantifying magma overpressure beneath a submarine caldera: A mechanical modeling approach to tsunamigenic trapdoor faulting near Kita-Ioto Island, Japan
2023/12/04A review of shallow slow earthquakes along the Nankai Trough
2023/11/10Locating tectonic tremors with uncertainty estimates: Time- and amplitude-difference optimization, wave propagation-based quality control, and Bayesian inversion