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Earthquake & Volcano Infomation

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2023/2/8The February 6, 2023 earthquake in Southern Turkey2023/2/10/ 10:00

Latest research

Date publishedTitle
2023/11/10Locating tectonic tremors with uncertainty estimates: Time- and amplitude-difference optimization, wave propagation-based quality control, and Bayesian inversion
2023/11/06Origins of the tsunami following the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake
2023/10/27Detection of Low-Frequency Tremors in Paper Records from About 50 Years Ago Based on Artificial Intelligence
2023/03/13Layered Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere Beneath the Japan Basin, the Sea of Japan
2023/03/06Muon Imaging of Volcanic Conduit Explains Link between Eruption Frequency and Ground Deformation