Preparation for expedition to Nishinoshima Island

For the coming expedition to Nishinoshima Island  in September 2019, the team is getting ready for an on-land investigation.
In order to avoid bringing living creature on the island,  it is mandatory for researchers and all their belongings to dip themselves in the ocean before landing. For this reason, marine safety training was held in Utokyo swimming pool.

In the picture, three researchers from ERI are practicing how to wear wet suite in water.
Comments from the  front:
“Training was hard, but  I hope to make the investigation successful.” (Head of Volcano Center/ prof. Takao. O)
“This is my second time after 3 years. But I shouldn’t lose my sharpness and carry out my survey safely .” (Technician. Atsushi. W)
“I hope to land successfully and reveal the new perspective of Nishinoshima Island. ” (Associate Prof. Fukashi. M)

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