Peter Shearer’s special lectures

Speaker: Peter Shearer
“A series of 8 lectures is organized as below:

Date Topic
Monday, Aug. 31 Upper Mantle Discontinuities
Wed., Sept. 2 Seismic Scattering
Fri., Sept. 4 Earthquake Location Methods
Mon., Sept. 7 Seismic Tomography
Wed., Sept. 9 Back-projection Methods
Fri., Sept. 11 Pulse Shapes, Spectra and Stress Drop
Mon., Sept. 14 Earthquake Scaling and Energy
Wed., Sept. 16 Earthquake Triggering
Lecture notes are avalable here.

Each lecture is divided into two parts. The first 45 minutes are spent on the introduction of the topic. The next 45 minutes are used to introduce recent researches related to the topic.”