Absolute gravimetry and its applications: some studies

Speaker: Martine Amalvict
A Superconducting Gravimeter (SG) is continuously recording gravity changes at the Strasbourg Gravimetry Observatory since 1987. The Observatory started AG (Absolute Gravimetry) measurements with FG5#206 in 1997. We present some studies carried on with the AG: 1) at Strasbourg: calibration of the SG, comparison with collocated GPS observations and with hydrological models. 2) at the Dumont d’Urville station, in Antarctica. Comparison of precise positioning observations, models and AG data leads to the conclusion of a vertical stability of the station. 3) in Africa, the present main target is hydrology and comparison with GRACE observations along a North-South profile. 4) we conclude with the results of international comparisons of AG (BIPM, Sèvres and Walferdange) and present the AG database of BKG and BGI.