The 1003rd DANWAKAI(program)

Announcement of the 1003rd DANWAKAI

(Danwakai: ERI Holds “Danwakai”, a monthly meeting where its members present their most recent academic and technical achievements, once a month on Friday of every month. Danwakai is open to the public.)

Date: Friday, 14 May  13:30-
Place:  Web Meeting (Zoom)
*URL and password will be provided by internal e-mail on May 14.


1. 13:30-13:45
TITLE: Structures and historical activity of the Iriyamase fault, Fujikawa-Kako Fault Zone, and related geomorphic changes
AUTHOR: *Tatsuya ISHIYAMA, Toshimichi NAKANISHI (Museum of Natural and Environmental History, Shizuoka), Daisuke HIROUCHI (Shinshu Univ.), Nobuhisa MATSUTA (Okayama Univ.), Naoko KATO (Nihon Univ.) and Hiroshi SATO (Shizuoka Univ.)
SUMMARY: We show structural evidence for Holocene and historical activity of the Iriyamase fault and discuss related changes of coastal and fluvial geomorphology.

2. 13:45-14:00
TITLE: Evolution of aseismic slip rate along plate boundary faults before and after megathrust earthquakes
AUTHOR: *Toshihiro IGARASHI and Aitaro KATO
SUMMARY: We identified similar earthquakes with moderate magnitudes globally using the Japanese dense seismic network and estimated the slip rate along the plate boundaries.

3. 14:00-14:15
TITLE: New Megathrust Locking Model for the Southern Kurile Subduction Zone Incorporating Viscoelastic Relaxation and Non‐uniform Compliance of Upper Plate
AUTHOR: * Yuji ITOH, Takuya NISHIMURA (DPRI, Kyoto University), Kelin WANG and Jiangheng HE (Geological Survey of Canada)
SUMMARY: We have inferred megathrust locking in the southern Kurile subduction zone (i.e., off Nemruro to off Sanriku) using a viscoelastic Earth model which incorporates non-uniform elastic compliance of an upper plate (Itoh et al., in press in JGR).