The 1020th DANWAKAI(program)

Danwakai: ERI Holds “Danwakai”, a monthly meeting where its members present their most recent academic and technical achievements, once a month on Friday of every month. Danwakai is open to the public.

Please refrain from secondary distribution of the URL to be provided. Due to copyright issues, recording of the video and audio distributed is strictly prohibited.

    Date:  Friday, December 9, 2022 13:30~(JST)
    Place: Web Meeting (Zoom)

  • The zoom URL and password required for participation will be provided on the day of the event to those who wish to attend.

  1. 13:30-13:45
    TITLE: Structures, tectonics and seismicity of active fold-and-thrust belt in northern Hokkaido
    AUTHOR: *Tatsuya ISHIYAMA and Makoto MATSUBARA (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience)
    SUMMARY: We discuss structural characters, tectonics and seismicity of active fold-and-thrust structures in northern Hokkaido.
  2. 13:45-14:00
    TITLE: Harmonic tremor from the deep part of Hakone volcano and its physical model
  3. 14:00-14:15
    TITLE: Development of a thin temperature probe for better penetration and its application to heat flow measurement in Lake Biwa
    AUTHOR: *Makoto YAMANO, Shusaku GOTO (AIST) and Hideki HAMAMOTO (Center for Environmental Science in Saitama)
    SUMMARY: We have been developing a thin temperature probe with many sensors for improvement of efficiency and precision in marine heat flow measurement and used it in study of fluid venting on the floor of Lake Biwa.