The 1024th DANWAKAI(program)

Danwakai: ERI Holds “Danwakai”, a monthly meeting where its members present their most recent academic and technical achievements, once a month on Friday of every month. Danwakai is open to the public.

Please refrain from secondary distribution of the URL to be provided. Due to copyright issues, recording of the video and audio distributed is strictly prohibited.

    Date:  Friday, April 21, 2023  13:30~(JST)

    Place:  Web Meeting (Zoom)

* The zoom URL and password required for participation will be provided on the day of the event to those who wish to attend.

1. 13:30-13:45

TITLE: Preliminary report on the damage due to 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquake

AUTHOR: *Koichi KUSUNOKI・Yusuke MAIDA, Yasushi SANADA(Osaka Univ.) and Yo HIBINO(Nagoya Univ.)

SUMMARY: Damage investigation results will be reported, which was conducted as a joint reconnaissance team of MEXT, AIJ, and JSCE.

2. 13:45-14:00

TITLE: Seismic background level (SBL) growth can reveal slowly developing long-term eruption precursors

AUTHOR: *Mie ICHIHARA・Takao OHMINATO, Kostas I. KONSTANTINOU(National Central University, Taiwan ), Kazuya  YAMAKAWA(Mount Fuji Research Institute Yamanashi Prefectural Government), Atsushi WATANABE・Minoru TAKEO

3. 14:00-14:15

TITLE: Automatic Processing of Seismic Waves Using Deep Learning

AUTHOR: *Shinya KATOH, Yoshihisa IIO・Hiroshi KATAO・Masayo SAWADA・Kazuhide TOMISAKA and Rie MIZUSHIMA(Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University)

SUMMARY: We will present an automated package for seismic wave analysis (arrival time picking, polarity detection, etc.) using deep learning that we have developed.