Institute: Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Title: Research Director
Country: Italy
Period: 2016/5/31 - 2016/7/2
Theme: Mechanisms controlling dike arrest: a comparison between Mt. Etna (Italy) and Japanese volcanoes
Host: Yosuke AOKI
Introduction: My main research interests are physical volcanology, studies of volcano deformation and strain fields, modeling different volcanic sources (intermediate storage, intrusion and uprising process) through ground deformation. I was involved in volcano geodesy and managing of monitoring networks (tiltmeters, GPS, strainmeters) at several volcanoes, with also implementation of new instrumentation for tilt and strain measurements. As Director of Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia – Etna Observatory (2002-008), on behalf of INGV, I was scientific supervisor for the management of the activities related to several eruptions and associated crisis (Etna 2002-03, 2004-5, 2006; Stromboli 2002-03, 2007).
Etna volcano (Italy) and Japanese volcanoes have been affected by several dike intrusions in the last years. Understanding the mechanisms controlling dike propagation has always been a central issue in volcano physics. In the application of my short-term visit at ERI, we proposed to investigate the processes and the observations involved in the arrest of ascending and laterally-propagating magma-filled dikes. We aim at comparing different cases of dike intrusion in Japan and at Etna. In particular, the goal of the proposed study is to analyze and compare deformation pattern and seismicity mechanisms during eruptions both at Etna and Miyakejima volcano with the aim of highlighting and reinforcing common aspects helpful to constrain the dike propagation, and also try to discriminate about the arrest process conditions.

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Fiscal Year: 2016