Institute: ETH Zurich
Title: Senior Scientist
Country/Region: Switzerland
Period: 2019/09/20 ~ 2019/10/18
Theme: Planetary science, Phase equilibrium computations, Non-linear inversion, Computational statistics
Host: Takao KOYAMA
Introduction: My research is devoted to inversion of geophysical data for the internal composition, thermal state, structure and evolution of the terrestrial planets. To this end I use a broad range of geophysical data, including seismic, gravity, and electromagnetic sounding data. The scheme that I employ relies on combining geophysical modeling and data analysis with mantle mineral phase equilibrium computations. The approach is strongly interdisciplinary seeking to naturally integrate geophysics, geodynamics, and petrology in order to understand how the planets developed their chemical and physical structure. My research can be broadly categorized into:
1. Structure, composition, origin, and evolution of Earth and terrestrial planets.
2. Electromagnetic sounding and electrical conductivity.
3. Seismology.
4. Exoplanet interiors.
5. Inverse problems.
Fiscal Year: 2019