Institute: Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Cameroon
Title: Researcher/Senior Geologist
Period: 2020/11/01–2021/10/31
Theme: Petrogenesis of lavas along the Cameroon Volcanic Line: implication for plume- lithosphere interaction and global dynamics
Introduction: I am a senior staff in the Department of Mines of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Developments, Yaounde-Cameroon. I am equally a visiting lecturer in the Department of Geology, Mining and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bamenda-Cameroon. For over eight years, I have been investigating the origin and petrogenesis of volcanic rocks along the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL). My team (Japanese and Cameroonian researchers) use different petrological and geochemical approaches to decipher petrogenetic processes beneath the CVL and the African continent. At the moment, we are interested in understanding;- How the hot Earth’s interior (i.e., asthenosphere) convects, such as a rising plume or curtain beneath the CVL, with a specific geochemical signature (termed “HIMU”) which may represent global recycling of subducted material, or only resulting from a metasomatised SCLM, and- How the hot asthenospheric flow interacts with the cold surface lid (i.e., lithosphere), and how the interaction differs between the oceanic and the continental sectors of the CVL.At ERI, under the supervision of Pr Hikaru Iwamori, we shall generate more geochemical data, including melt inclusions. The data shall be interpreted conventionally and statistically using the Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to provide insight into the two critical questions above. We hope to collaborate with other researchers of ERI for the advancement of science
Fiscal Year: 2019