Institute: German Research Centre for Geosciences, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (GFZ)
Title: Senior Research Scientist (Tenured)
Country/Region: Germany
Period: 2023/01/17-2023/3/23
Theme: Structure of the seismogenic megathrust zone and its relation to seismic coupling
Host: Aitaro KATO
Introduction: I am a seismologist at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam interested in the tectonics of convergent plate boundaries. I am working both in subduction and collision zones. In subduction zones, I am studying the occurrence and controls of large megathrust earthquakes and processes inside the oceanic slab as it plunges into the mantle. In collision zones, I am interested in lithospheric scale deformation processes accompanying mountain building. My main working regions are South America and Central Asia. I will be working with Prof. Aitaro Kato on the structure of the deep megathrust in Northern Chile.
Fiscal Year: 2022