Chastity AIKEN
Institute: Geo-Ocean Laboratory, French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER)
Title: Research Scientist
Country/Region: France
Period: 2023/2/17-2023/3/31
Theme: Geophysics – Passive seismology – earthquakes, tectonic tremor, low-frequency earthquakes
Host: Kazushige OBARA
Introduction: I am an early career researcher originally from the USA. I began my post at IFREMER in 2017 after completing my PhD at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015 and a post-doctoral fellow position at the Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin. My scientific expertise is in the acquisition, processing, and interpretation of seismic signals recorded in seismometers onshore and offshore in various tectonic environments around the world such as geothermal regions, strike-slip faults, subduction zones, and submarine volcanoes. I have participated in land-based seismometer deployments as well as marine geoscience expeditions.

My research interests include the seismo-mechanical behaviors of faults, seismicity associated with volcanism, and characterizing the interactions earthquakes, tremors, and other types of seismicity in the short-term and long-term. My current research focus involves:

• Characterizing slow-slip episodes in Southwest Japan
• Identifying slow-slip episodes along the San Andreas Fault
• Detecting and characterizing seismicity from Mayotte’s submarine volcano
• Strike-slip fault characterization onshore/offshore Haiti

My research interests are varied, and I am happy to form collaborations. I am approachable and friendly. For more information about my research and publications, see the following link:

Fiscal Year: 2022