Chen JI
Institute: University of California, Santa Barbara
Title: Professor
Country: USA
Period: 2018/04/02 ~ 2018/06/05
Theme: A comparison study of source characterization of moderate size earthquakes
Host: Hiroe MIYAKE
Introduction: I am Professor at department of earth science, University of California, Santa Barbara. My research focuses on developing tools and methods to study earthquake sources using seismic and geodetic observations. Currently, I am interested in the high resolution source inversions of moderate size (Mw 4-6) earthquakes, source inversions with 3D Green’s functions, source characterizations of intermediate depth earthquakes, and uncertainty analysis of inverted fault parameters.

My visit to ERI, collaborating with Professor Hiroe Miyake, is to study moderate size earthquakes in Japan with the close-fault strong motion and geodetic observations.

Fiscal Year: 2018