Chuanbin ZHU
Institute: Queensland University of Technology
Title: Doctoral Researcher
Country: Australia
Period: 2018/04/09 ~ 2018/06/11
Theme: Improve Seismic Hazard Estimation in deep sedimentary basins
Host: Takashi FURUMURA
Introduction: During my stay at ERI, I will work with Prof. Furumura on improving the engineering assessment of earthquake ground motions in sedimentary basins, where many major cities facing high seismic hazard (e.g. Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mexico City) and much critical infrastructure are located. Currently, earthquake ground motions in sedimentary basins are poorly assessed, particularly for structures with long natural periods (e.g. high-rise buildings, nuclear cooling pools and towers, long-span bridges). This is because while the standard assessment approach assumes that near-surface soil layers respond in a one-dimensional manner, sedimentary basins do not fulfil this assumption. In this project, we will use improved understanding of earthquake ground motions obtained by simulations and observations to develop and disseminate a robust and practical methodology to improve the current engineering practice in seismic hazard analysis within sedimentary basins.

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Fiscal Year: 2018