Institute: Università Roma TRE
Title: Professor
Country: Italy
Period: 2015/05/04 - 2015/05/22
Theme: Dynamics of subduction process in the Western Pacific
Host: Hitoshi KAWAKATSU
Introduction: The focused of my research is the tectonic evolution of convergent margins. I am interested on subduction, mountain building, exhumation and topography-surface evolution, and the coupling between surface and mantle. I am also interested in fluid circulation and faulting. Field work has included the Mediterranean (Spain, Morocco, Italy, Lybia, Greece, Turkey), Pakistan, Antarctica, and Argentina. I am presently working in Turkey, Colombia, Ethiopia, Iran and Apennines. At Roma TRE, where I worked, I am running the Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics (LET) where we perform scaled experiments to model geological processes, from mantle convection to earthquake deformation. During my visit, I hope to improve my knowledge about Western Pacific subduction and his deep mantle seismic signature in collaboration with Prof. Hitoshi Kawakatsu and with other ERI researchers.
Fiscal Year: 2015