Institute: (previous) University of North Bengal
Title: Assistant Professor of Geology
Country: INDIA
Period: 2021/07/16-2022/7/15
Theme: Probing into the early earth mantle convection – insights from lower crust/lithospheric mantle and H2O transportation
Host: Hikaru IWAMORI
Introduction: I am a petrologist from India and before coming to ERI, I was working as an assistant professor (contractual) of Geology in the University of North Bengal. I have completed my Ph.D. in Geology (in 2020) from the University of Calcutta; where I have attempted to demonstrate the petrological manifestation of the spatio-temporal geodynamic evolution of our planet (especially in the context of Indian plate) using rock records of the two contrastingly evolved geological terrains - one from the Archean Sittampundi Layered Anorthosite Complex, southern India and the other from the Phanerozoic Andaman Ophiolite. In order to achieve so, I mostly integrated field observation (along with detailed petrography, microstructure), geochemistry, geochronology and most importantly detailed petro-geochemical modelling. In ERI, with my host supervisor - Prof. Hikaru IWAMORI, we will be attempting to probe into the possible manifestations of the early earth tectonism (and mantle convection). We will integrate cutting edge AI-based statistical discrimination of relevant geochemical dataset along with comprehensive phase equilibria modelling to reconstruct the crust-mantle architecture of the Archean Eon. Outcome of this project is expected to provide important clues regarding the mechanism(s) to initiate subduction driven plate tectonics, evolution of hydrosphere and most importantly how does our results relate to the current state of knowledge about the comparative planetology. Also, I am looking forward to meet, interact and learn from the senior scientists and my new researcher friends at ERI and expecting to have a fantastic time together doing science in the upcoming days.
Fiscal Year: 2021