Institute: The University of Colorado at Boulder
Title: Postdoctoral
Country/Region: USA
Period: 2018/12/01 ~ 2019/03/31
Theme: Constraining the architecture of the magmatic plumbing system of Miyakejima volcano
Host: Yosuke AOKI
Introduction: My research aims to understand magmatic and eruptive processes at active subduction-related volcanoes. The goal of my research is to use the geochemistry of the eruptive products from arc volcanoes to infer processes during the generation of magmas, the factors influencing primitive magma geochemistry, the structure of volcanic plumbing systems, and processes such as magmatic storage, and the geochemical evolution of arc magmas. Through my research, I also reconstruct eruptive histories for active volcanoes to better constrain the frequency and magnitude of volcanic eruptions which have important implications for volcanic hazard mitigation and forecasting. To understand and address these research topics, I use and integrate a wide range of information including detailed field observations, geochemical models, age constraints, and geochemical data measured on the eruptive products.

I completed my Ph.D. and a portion of my post-doctoral research at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My research has been primarily focused on active volcanoes of the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone of Chile. At ERI, I will be working with Prof. Yosuke Aoki to better understand the architecture of the magmatic plumbing system and magma storage regions under Miyakejima volcano and what processes influence the contrasting style of eruptive behavior at this volcano. I am very happy to be here at ERI and I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with the faculty, researchers, and staff during my stay.

Fiscal Year: 2018