Geoffrey ABERS
Institute: Cornell University
Title: Professor
Country: USA
Period: 2020/01/01-2020/05/31
Theme: Reconciling Seismic and Laboratory Observations of Wave Propagation through Hot and Partially Molten Regions of the Earth
Host: Yasuko TAKEI
Introduction: I am an earthquake seismologist and a professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Over the last several years my research has concentrated on the structure, dynamics and material fluxes at subduction zones, interacting with petrologists and geodynamicists to better understand metamorphism within subducting plates and along their interfaces, the thermal structure of subduction zones, and the mantle origins of melting beneath volcanic arcs. Along with several global and theoretical studies I have been part of teams deploying large arrays of broadband seismometers both on land and at sea, with numerous projects in Alaska, Cascadia, Central America and Papua New Guinea. At ERI I plan to work with Professor Yasuko Takei to better understand and communicate the experimental constraints on how partial melt affects seismic wave propagation in subduction zones, both in the mantle and in the crust.
Fiscal Year: 2019