Institute: University of Tehran
Title: Associate Researcher
Country: Iran
Period: 2017/6/29 - 2017/8/5
Theme: Analyses of Induced and Natural Earthquakes in South African Gold Mines
Host: Hiroe MIYAKE
Introduction: Dr. Jamileh Vasheghani Farahani is PhD of geophysics/engineering seismology and she has been working as Associate Researcher in Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran. Her research domain is focused on strong ground motion and engineering seismology. Her interest is discrimination between seismic events using nonlinear pattern recognition techniques and spectral methods. Moreover, she is interested in the ray path by estimating the geometrical coefficient and the frequency-dependent quality factor and, non-parametric approach to a ground motion prediction problem for blast and earthquake data. She Introduced and awarded as a Scientific Elite by Iran's National Elites Foundation in 2016. The purpose of her visit to ERI is to work a research project with Dr. Hiroe Miyake related to estimation of Q-value in the Kosh region. They will focus on a strong motion earthquake of the South African gold mine and its aftershocks.
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Fiscal Year: 2017