Kristine M. LARSON
Institute: University of Colorado, Boulder
Title: Emeritus Research Professor
Country: USA
Period: 2019/09/06 ~ 2019/11/08
Theme: Investigating volcanic plume dynamics from GNSS signals
Host: Yosuke AOKI
Introduction: I am recently retired from my faculty position in the U.S. I have a long-time interest in using GPS to study the Earth. Earlier in my career I worked on using GPS to measure crustal motions for plate tectonics and plate boundary deformation studies. Later I collaborated with ERI to use high-rate GPS data to measure displacements during earthquakes and volcanoes. The last ten years I have been concentrating on using GPS SNR data. These data are usually ignored by geodesists, but they are very powerful tools for new environmental applications for GPS (and GNSS). I use them to study ash in volcanic plumes and to measure sea level by using signal reflections. I am visiting Professor Aoki.
Fiscal Year: 2019