Institute: Russian Academy of Sciences
Title: Researcher
Country: Russia
Period: 2017/09/30 - 2017/12/04
Theme: Anisotropic 3D EM inversion and its application of oceanic crust structure
Host: Takao KOYAMA
Introduction: The area of my primary scientific interests is the applying of the integral equation approach to different forward and inverse problems of electromagnetic sounding of the Earth. I have been working in this scope after graduating with honors from Lomonosov MSU in 2007. At the beginning my area of work was large-scale scale EM modelling and inversion for high conductivity contrast regions like Kola Peninsula and Arctic ocean. However, my Ph.D thesis defended in 2011 was about new numerical method and since that time I work both on developing and implementation of new numerical approaches an on applying them for EM sounding problems.

The purpose of my visit to ERI is to work with Prof. Takao Koyama on a new computational approach for marine sounding modelling, which allow to take bathymetry into account without large computational costs.
Fiscal Year: 2017