Osvanny RAMOS
Institute: Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Title: Associate professor
Country: France
Period: 2017/7/11 - 2017/8/7
Theme: Modeling of aftershock-like phenomena in subcritical crack growth
Host: Takahiro HATANO
Introduction: I’m an associated professor of Physics at the University of Lyon 1 in France. In our group we create simplified and small-scale experiments trying to better understand the dynamics of avalanche-like phenomena showing a scale-invariant behaviour. In other words, processes where the energy is accumulated very slowly and liberated by sudden events with a large (power law) distribution of sizes. Earthquakes are the best-known example of these phenomena. However, relative simple experiments (subcritical fracture and frictional granular shear) also share a similar dynamics. Could they help us to better understand the earthquake dynamics? Simple simulations and modelling complement our experimental work.
During my stay at ERI, invited by Prof. Takahiro Hatano, we will work on numerical and analytical models that aim at explaining the dynamics of scale-invariant processes, and in particular on the influence of dissipation, where there is a clear gap between models and experiments. Besides this main task, improving my culture about earthquakes is a must in our quest for developing experiments and models that capture their dynamics, so I am very open for discussions.
Fiscal Year: 2017