Patrick ALLARD
Institute: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP)
Title: Emeritus CNRS Director of Research Vice-president of IAVCEI
Country: France
Period: 2015/09/29 - 2015/12/28
Theme: Gas precursors of volcanic eruptions in relationship with geophysical signals
Host: Minoru TAKEO
Introduction: My main research interests are focused on the origin, behaviour and role of volatiles in magmatic-volcanic processes, with application to improved forecasting of volcanic eruptions. Background scientific interest relies on the pressure-related chemical and physical information on underground processes carried by the magmatic gas phases, often in advance of eruptions, and their temporal/causal relationship(s) with geophysical signals (seismic tremor, VLPs, ground deformation, acoustics, etc.). Cross-correlated multidisciplinary investigations are indeed required to image magma plumbing systems and better understand how volcanoes work. During my 3-month visiting stay in ERI I’ll contribute to the research/monitoring programs on Japanese volcanoes carried out by the Volcanological Research Center, under the heading of Prof. M. Takeo. Planned actions include novel measurements of the concentration and isotopic composition (13C/12C) of carbon dioxide in volcanic plumes from some Japanese volcanoes using a mobile (Delta Ray) mass spectrometer, in collaboration with other researchers from GRC (Tokyo Univ.) and JSG.
My staywill also include a teaching to graduate students in the first week of December on ‘Risk management and scientific communication during volcano emergencies’, in which I’ll present different case studies, compare with seismic risk management, and refer to existing systems and procedures at national and international level.
Fiscal Year: 2015