Institute: Mahindra École Centrale, Hyderabad
Title: Professor
Country: India
Period: 2018/05/01 ~ 2018/07/29
Theme: Computational studies of interfacial wave solutions and their effect on slip stability
Host: Nobuki KAME
Introduction: I work on analytical and computational problems associated with the mechanics of the earthquake source. Recently I have worked on two problems:

Development of computational methods for the study of dynamic rupture propagation at bi-material interfaces: I have proposed a spectral formulation of the elastodynamic boundary integral equations developed by Kostrov. The distinguishing feature of Kostrov’s approach is that it involves a space-time convolution of the tractions on the interface. In the spectral formulation, the space-time convolution simplifies to a time convolution of the tractions on the interface for each spectral mode, making it computationally more efficient.
New interfacial elastic wave solutions: I have shown the existence of new interfacial wave solutions in anti-plane elasticity for a layer in a contact with a half-space and also for two finite layers in contact. The interfacial wave in bonded contact of a layer and a half-space is the well-known Love wave. An interfacial wave also exists in slipping contact of a layer and a half-space. New interfacial wave solutions have also been shown to exist for bonded and slipping contact of two finite layers.

At ERI, I will collaborate with Prof. Nobuki KAME on further developing the computational methods for the study of dynamic ruptures and try to understand the effects of the new anti-plane interfacial solutions on slip stability
Fiscal Year: 2018