Roshan Kumar Singh
Institute: Department of Applied Geophysics Indian Institute Of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad
Title: Junior Research Fellow
Country: India
Period: 2021/11/16 – 2022/11/15
Theme: Magnetotelluric investigation to study plume-plate interaction
Host: Kiyoshi BABA
Introduction: I am a geophysicist from India and has been associated with ERI since Feb, 2021 as Contract Researcher. I have done my PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad.
My primary research is focused on application of magnetotelluric data in exploring the metallogenic and geothermal energy potentials over the Eastern Indian Shield. I am also interested in joint interpretation of several geophysical dataset and integrating them with geology and petrophysical properties of the area.
During my PhD I received the prestigious research grants - Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees, 2018/19” funded by Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). I have worked as DAAD fellow at GFZ, Potsdam, Germany in guidance of Dr. Ute Weckmann and as a visiting researcher at Nacional Observatorio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Dr. Sergio L. Fontes.
My current project at ERI is in collaboration with researchers from University of Tokyo, ETH Zurich, GFZ, Potsdam, GEOMAR, Germany and AWI, Potsdam. The objectives of this project is re-analysis of existing and additional MT data using a modern 3-D inversion technique to understand the origin of the Tristan da Cunha hotspot in southern Atlantic ocean which is associated with deep-seated mantle plume or with shallow plate tectonics and the interaction between the Tristan plume and the overriding plate.

Fiscal Year: 2021