Subhadeep ROY
Institute: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Title: Senior Research Fellow
Country: India
Period: 2017/8/1 - 2018/3/31
Theme: Theoretical and numerical study of disordered systems out of equilibrium.
Host: Kenji SATAKE
Introduction: Dr. Jakir Hossen has been working as Assistant Professor at BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He just joined ERI as project researcher on May 1, 2017 to work on tsunami science. His project title is ''Observation sensitivity analysis for tsunami source inversion''. Dr. Jakir received his PhD in Mathematical Geophysics from the Australian National University, Australia in 2015 for his investigations on tsunami source inversion where he developed a new approach “Green's Function based Time Reverse Imaging” to recover tsunami source model from the recorded tsunami data. This method has potential to be used in tsunami warning for reducing loss of life and properties of the coastal communities..
Fiscal Year: 2017