Subhadeep ROY
Institute: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Title: Senior Research Fellow
Country/Region: India
Period: 2017/8/1 - 2018/3/31
Theme: Theoretical and numerical study of disordered systems out of equilibrium.
Host: Takahiro HATANO
Introduction: I have finished my PhD from The Institute of Mathematical Sciences on Statistical mechanics. The title of my thesis was "Interplay of stress release range and disorder in fracture". The work mainly deals with how the modes of failure are affected by disorder introduced in the model and range of stress redistribution. After my PhD I have joined Earthquake research institute (University of Tokyo) on Nov 1, 2017 and started working with Prof. Takahiro Hatano. Presently we are studding earthquake events from the point of view of statistical mechanics.
Fiscal Year: 2017