Tao YE
Institute: Peking University
Title: Research Assistant
Country: China
Period: 2019/04/01 ~ 2019/06/08
Theme: Electromagnetic induction in the presence of electrical anisotropy
Host: Makoto UYESHIMA
Introduction: My research focus on using Magnetotelluric (MT) geophysical method to explore electrical structure of crustal and mantle in continental tectonic area, involving in interplate earthquake zones and quaternary volcanic region. Recent years, I have carried out a broadband MT array survey in southwest Yunnan (southeast margin of Tibetan Plateau) and have interpreted the field data with 3-D MT inversions systematically. The MT investigation reveals fine crustal structure of the Tengchong volcano and seismogenic zones in west Yunnan, China, and provides a new insight on geodynamic model in southern Tibet. Nowadays I start to investigate the role of electrical anisotropy in MT responses. During my visit at ERI, I will collaborate with prof. Makoto Uyeshima on the electromagnetic induction research in the presence of electrical anisotropy.
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Fiscal Year: 2019