Tawat Rung-Arunwan
Institute: Curl-E Geophysics Co., Ltd.
Title: Research Geophysicist
Country/Region: Thailand
Period: 2018/10/01 ~ 2019/03/31
Theme: Three-Dimensional Inversion for Distorted Magnetotelluric Data
Host: Hisashi UTADA
Introduction: Hello. My name is Tawat. I'm a geophysicist from Thailand. I have specialized in magnetotellurics (MT) data processing analysis and inversion. I have come to ERI since my PhD. Now, I am here as a long-term visiting researcher and work with Prof. Hisashi Utada. My main research here is to develop the 3D MT inversion to handle distorted data, which is a challenging problem in MT. Also, I aim to explore other fundamental aspects of MT. If you have any plan to go to Thailand or would like to know more about Thailand, I'm very happy to talk to you.Though this is not my first time in Tokyo, it is still amazing to be here. Japan is a fascinating country, culture, cuisine and, people, and definitely the encouraging research atmosphere at ERI.

Fiscal Year: 2018