Institute: Dept. of Dynamics of Geophysical Fields and Computational Geophysics, M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics
Title: Head
Country: Georgia
Period: 2016/7/5 - 2016/10/3
Theme: Scaling features of earthquakes time distribution - field and model data analysis
Host: Takahiro HATANO
Introduction: My interdisciplinary research interests mainly are related with the investigation of dynamical processes in geophysics and specifically in seismology. In order to tackle problems of the qualitative and quantitative assessment of complex seismic processes, in my researches I have used modern methods of linear and nonlinear analysis of data sets. To the present time many results of my former researches of this type are publically available. Exactly, in previous researches I have investigated the question of low-dimensional dynamical structure of earthquakes time and space distribution. Interesting changes in the long range correlation behavior of earthquakes time distribution have been revealed at different extent of the seismic activity.

During three months of my visit at ERI in close collaboration with my host prof. Takahiro Hatano I hope we will start fruitful collaboration on the investigation of different aspects of the dynamics of seismic process
Fiscal Year: 2016