Institute: Southwest JiaoTong University
Title: Postdoc
Country: China
Period: 2021/07/1-2022/06/30
Theme: Inversion of different kinds of seismic data for the high-resolution 3-D velocity model in Nankai Trough region
Host: Yosuke AOKI
Introduction: Before joining ERI, I obtained my doctoral degree from the Southwest JiaoTong University, China. Over the last five years, my research has been focused on rupture process inversion and velocity structure heterogeneity investigation using different kinds of seismic data. I have become very interested in realizing rapid and automatic rupture inversion based on 3D velocity structure model using various types of data, understanding the velocity structure heterogeneity with back-projection method to break through the investigation limitation due to the lack of near-field seismic data. At ERI, I plan to work with Professor Aoki Yosuke to realize trans-dimensional slip inversion by jointly using seismic data and geodetic data, gaining further knowledge of the rupture dynamics of an earthquake.
Fiscal Year: 2021