Zheming SHI
Institute: China University of Geosciences
Title: Associate Professor
Country: China
Period: 2019/08/21 ~ 2019/09/19
Theme: Identify the well-aquifer properties and structure disturbance induced by earthquakes
Host: Yasuyuki KANO
Introduction: Earthquake-induced hydrological changes, such as changes in water level, temperature, chemical composition, flow rate etc., have been documented for decades. The mechanism caused these changes, however, is still in debating. My research focus on the understanding how and why these hydrological changes occur and what dose these means to our groundwater systems. Based on the groundwater monitoring network in China, we systematically studied the co-seismic groundwater level response following 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, 2011 Tohoku earthquake. We found that permeability changes can explain many of these changes and crustal permeability changes following earthquakes is a commonly phenomenon. During my visiting, I will use the tidal and barometric pressure signal recorded in the water level to identify the aquifer/aquitard properties following earthquakes and how the post-seismic evolution is. Such a study has important impact on groundwater supply, the safety of underground waste repositories, aquifer vulnerability and earthquake triggering.More details about my reseach can be found on the researchGate:https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Zheming_Shi
Fiscal Year: 2019