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2019/1/7The 2018 Krakatau eruption and tsunamis, Indonesia2019/1/7/ 00:00

Latest research

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2019/02/15Source fault model of the 2018 Mw 5.6 northern Osaka earthquake, Japan, inferred from the aftershock sequence
2019/02/12Geometrical dependence on the stress and slip tendency acting on the subduction megathrust of the Nankai seismogenic zone off Kumano
2019/01/09A High-Resolution Underwater Gravity Measurement System aboard an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
2018/10/02Location of localized liquefaction in Fushimi during the 1854 Iga-Ueno earthquake
2018/09/11The 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake【QE】