Earthquake & Volcano Infomation

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2019/1/7The 2018 Krakatau eruption and tsunamis, Indonesia2019/1/7/ 00:00

Latest research

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2019/03/18Earthquake-induced prompt gravity signals identified in dense array data in Japan
2019/03/12Stress change before and after the 2011 M9 Tohoku-oki earthquake
2019/03/06Beyond Receiver Functions: Green's Function Estimation by Transdimensional Inversion and Its Application to OBS Data
2019/02/26Gravity and Geoid Changes by the 2004 and 2012 Sumatra Earthquakes from Satellite Gravimetry and Ocean Altimetry
2019/02/19Temporal variation in the resistivity structure of the first Nakadake crater, Aso volcano, Japan, during the magmatic eruptions from November 2014 to May 2015, as inferred by the ACTIVE electromagnetic monitoring system