Earthquake & Volcano Infomation

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2020/7/10【QE】Seismic and infrasound observation in Nishinoshima island2020/7/10/ 00:00

Latest research

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2020/09/11Comprehensive detection of very low frequency earthquakes off the Hokkaido and Tohoku Pacific coasts, northeastern Japan
2020/09/01Marine Sediment Characterized by Ocean-Bottom Fiber-Optic Seismology
2020/08/07Overpressured Underthrust Sediment in the Nankai Trough Forearc Inferred From Transdimensional Inversion of High‐Frequency Teleseismic Waveforms
2020/07/02Stress loading and the occurrence of normal-type earthquakes under Boso Peninsula, Japan
2020/06/10Centroid moment tensor inversions of offshore earthquakes using a three-dimensional velocity structure model: slip distributions on the plate boundary along the Nankai Trough