Earthquake & Volcano Infomation

Date publishedTitleLast update
2018/3/191st March, 2018 eruption of Shinmoedake2018/3/26/ 00:00
2018/1/302018 eruption of Kusatsushirane (Motoshirane) volcano2018/1/30/ 00:00

Latest research

Date publishedTitle
2018/03/19Understanding the plume dynamics of explosive super-eruptions
2018/03/14Variability of the Space-Time Evolution of Slow Slip Events Off the Boso Peninsula, Central Japan, From 1996 to 2014
2018/02/27Strength of tremor patches along deep transition zone of a megathrust
2018/02/20Temporal activity modulation of deep very low frequency earthquakes in Shikoku, southwest Japan
2018/01/04Determination of Intrinsic Attenuation in the Oceanic Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System