Earthquake & Volcano Infomation

Date publishedTitleLast update
2017/10/1711th October, 2017 eruption of Shinmoedake2017/10/17/ 00:00
2017/5/122017 Volcanic activity at the Iowyama crater, Kirishima Volcanao2017/5/12/ 00:00

Latest research

Date publishedTitle
2017/09/04Seismic wavefield imaging of long-period ground motion in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan
2017/08/21Heterogeneity of direct aftershock productivity of the main shock rupture
2017/08/08ERI student was introduced on "Campus TV"
2017/08/08Sakura Science Program finished
2017/01/10Heterogeneous mantle anisotropy and fluid upwelling: implication for generation of the 1891 Nobi earthquake