Seminar archive

2020/02/14Friday Seminar: (Feb. 14th, 2020) Dr. Geoffrey Abers (Cornell University)
2020/02/07Friday Seminar: (Feb. 7, 2020) Dr. Makiko Ohtani (DIVISION OF THEORETICAL GEOSCIENCE, ERI)
2019/11/29Friday Seminar: (Nov. 29th, 2019) Dr. Naoki Uchida (Tohoku University)
2019/11/08Friday Seminar: (Nov. 8th, 2019) Dr. Jean-Paul MONTAGNER (IPGP)
2019/11/01Friday Seminar: (Nov. 1st, 2019) Dr. Jean-Pierre Vilotte (IPGP)
2019/10/11Friday Seminar: (Oct. 11th, 2019) Dr. Rie Nakata (EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION RESEARCH CENTER, ERI)
2019/09/27Friday Seminar: (Sep. 27th, 2019) Dr. Tom Heaton (Caltech)
2019/09/20Friday Seminar: (Sep. 20th, 2019) Dr. Kristine Larson (University of Colorado Boulder)
2019/08/30Friday Seminar: (Aug. 30th, 2019) Dr. Zachary E. Ross (CalTech)
2019/03/15Friday Seminar (Mar. 15th) by Dr. Blandine Gardonio (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris)
2019/03/08Friday Seminar (Mar. 8th, 2019) by Prof. H. Iwamori (Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science)
2019/03/01Friday Seminar (Mar. 1st, 2019) by Assis. Prof. R. Nishiyama (Division of Monitoring Geoscience)
2019/02/22Friday Seminar (Feb. 22nd) by Dr. Blandine Gardonio (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris)
2019/02/08Friday Seminar (Feb. 8th, 2019) by Project Assis. Prof. T. Kumazawa (Center for Geophysical Observation and Instrumentation)
2019/01/18Friday Seminar (Jan. 18th, 2019) by Assoc. Prof. N. Kamaya (Coordination Center for Prediction Research of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions)
2019/01/11Friday Seminar (Jan. 11th, 2019) by Assoc. Prof. Y. Kano (Earthquake Prediction Research Center)
2018/11/02Friday Seminar (Nov. 2nd) by Prof. Yang Shen (University of Rhode Island)
2018/10/05Friday Seminar (Oct. 5th) by Prof. B.L.N. Kennett (Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University)
2018/10/05Friday Seminar (Feb. 22nd) by Dr. Blandine Gardonio (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris)
2016/04/22TEST announcing a seminar for english speakers
2014/11/13Special seminar: Einat Lev 2014/11/13 (*note that it is on Thursday)