Symposium archive

2019/07/231st ERI/SESS Joint Summer School for Solid-Earth Sciences Call for Participants and Poster/Oral Presenters (7/23-26)
2018/09/21Symposium: International Joint Workshop on Slow Earthquakes 2018
2018/05/25International Symposium on Earthquake Forecasting/5th International Workshop on Earthquake Preparation Processes
2016/09/13[13-15 September] Joint Workshop on Slow Earthquakes 2016
2016/04/27TEST a symposium coming ahead
2016/04/21TESTsymposium on 4/20
2016/02/12Symposium on Subduction zone earthquakes in Nankai Trough & Japan Trench
2015/10/05【2015/10/5-9】THE 10TH WORKSHOP OF THE INTERNATIONAL LITHOSPHERE PROGRAM ILP-TASK FORCE ON SEDIMENTARY BASINS: Lithosphere dynamics of sedimentary basins in subduction systems and related analogues
2015/09/242015/9/24-26: International workshop on slow earthquakes
2015/06/082015/06/08-10 MUOGRAPHERS 2015: Muon-Optics-Geoneutrino-Radar-Photonics for Earth Studies
2015/03/03【March 3-6,2015】Structure and Dynamics of the Oceanic Lithosphere/Asthenosphere System
2014/11/18【2014/11/18-19】The International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Sciences on the Earth