Institute: University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Title: Lecturer
Period: 2020/03/23–2020/12/31
Theme: Structural damage identification by using machine-learning methods
Host: Koichi KUSUNOKI
Introduction: Before joining ERI, I was working as lecturer and researcher at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Over the last five years, my research has been focused on monitoring the seismic performance of traditional and innovative structures, developing low damage solutions for low- and mid-rise buildings, and developing devices for assessing the building damage in the aftermath of an earthquake. Recently, I have become very interested in the application of machine-learning techniques for better assessing structural damages. At ERI I am collaborating with Professor Koichi Kusunoki for implementing and testing the performance of machine learning predictions with respect to experimental data coming from large scale shake table testing.
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Fiscal Year: 2019