Soumya Jyoti BISWAS
Institute: Saha Institute of Technology
Title: Senior Researcher
Country: India
Period: 2015/04/20 - 2015/10/11
Theme: Effects of stress and fractal dimension on earthquake statistics and fracture
Host: Takahiro HATANO
Introduction: I have worked on statistical aspects of avalanche dynamics in fracture and earthquakes and their theoretical models.

Particularly, I am presently working with Prof. Takahiro Hatano on the stress dependence of the time-constant and also the exponent value seen in Gutenber- Richter and Omori laws. We aim to capture these with simple spring-block type discrete models with random pinning. We also aim to predict similar behavior in the case of fracture of disordered solids.

In the past I have worked on statistical similarities between earthquake and fracture front propagation model. With simplifying assumptions we have been able to show that the Edwards-Wilkinson model for interface propagation and Burridge-Knopoff type spring block models are equivalent.

I have also worked on the fiber bundle model for fracture of disordered solids. This is a simple discrete models, yet it captures many basic features seen in experiments. We have investigated the mode of failure, which depends on range of stress release.

Fiscal Year: 2015