Two types of volcanic tremor changed with eruption style during 1986 Izu-Oshima eruption

Aika Kurokawa, Minoru Takeo,Kei Kurita

Journal of Geophysical Research


Volcanic tremor provides clues to magma migration pathways so that tremor source location is expected to be an efficient tool for tracking dynamic behavior of magma in evolution of eruptive activity. However, clear evidence, which connects between temporal variation in volcanic tremor and evolution of eruption style, is still lacking. We have analyzed volcanic tremors occurred during 1986 Izu-Oshima eruption using recently digitized data. The results present a clear link between eruption styles, waveform variations and source locations of the tremors. Moreover, precursory activity of the tremors that indicates injection of magma below fissures has been clarified 5 days prior to the fissure eruptions. This demonstrates predominance of tremor activity as an adaptive monitoring tool in volcanic eruption.